Saturday, May 24–Monday, May 26

My No. 1 reason for making the holy pilgrimage to the Gorge? M.I.A.

Problem is, M.I.A. tends to be, errr . . . M.I.A. when it comes to

Sasquatch. (Last year she was a no-show after unexpected delays in the

whole getting-a-visa process.) Here's my local-heavy backup plan in

case history repeats itself: Seizure-inducing techno maestros

Truckasaurus. Politico-punk-rockers the Cops. Beloved hip-hop duo Blue

Scholars. Precocious indie band Fleet Foxes. Sexual popsters Throw Me

the Statue. And the totally quirky Moondoggies (OK, they're actually

from Everett, but still). More than a dozen Seattle bands will perform

this weekend, so don't fret: For once, the INS will not fuck things up

entirely. Visit for full info. Gorge

Amphitheatre, 754 Silica Rd. N.W., George, Wash., 628-0888. ERIKA


May 24-April 26, 2008

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