Barkeep’s Poison at Shea’s Lounge

You’re having a French Caribbean.

A weekly feature in which we show up, unannounced, and demand the bartender make us his or her favorite drink. For more First Calls, visit Barkeep: Jason Tibbetts Establishment: Shea's Lounge, 94 Pike St., Suite 34, 467-9990, PIKE PLACE MARKET OK, Jason Tibbetts, what's this slightly sunny, slightly swanky concoction we have here? It's a French Caribbean—lemon juice, orange bitters, aged rum, and Cointreau, shaken up and poured into a martini glass. This isn't bad. It's kinda sweet but mostly not—like some girls I know. I like it. There's just a little bitterness to balance out the sweetness and the rum. Taster's notes: Duality seems to be a theme here at Shea's Lounge. It looks like it's going for a Spanish villa feel, with lots of earthy tones and sharp contrasts. Or maybe it's French, because Chez Shea, the restaurant attached to Shea's Lounge, serves contemporary French cuisine. Either way, Jason, a former grad student in philosophy, earned his degree in London. He's going back in two weeks for a friend's wedding and is way excited. That last part isn't very French, I know. But it's European (close enough). In contrast, the art on the walls is more of the splattered-paint modernist variety, and jazz plays softly in the background. Overall, the place is a little convoluted, but it works. Just like this tasty French Caribbean. I hear London's nice this time of year. Yeah, but I'd probably rather go to the Caribbean somewhere and sit on a beach. Well, this thing is close enough. Is this your own concoction? Yeah. Personally, rum is my normal drink, so any way I can fit it into a cocktail is good. Ah, rum. The Caribbean. I bet you dig Jimmy Buffett. Actually, Jimmy Buffett's painful. I make fun of my friends for listening to him. Uh, yeah, er, me too. Jimmy Buffett sucks. Gimme some more rum. JESSE FROEHLING

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