Welcome to Our Carbon-Free Guide to Sasquatch! 2008

Contains nearly 100 percent recycled materials from Death for Cutie, M.I.A., Cold War Kids, and more.

Sasquatch is green. Think about it. Old man wanders around off Tinkham Road, subsisting off of deer, elk, and whatever the Sigma Nus left at their campsite. Dude doesn't drive a car, own a shirt, or go to festivals hundreds of miles from home. (He doesn't buy carbon offsets, either.) Since our elder has taken it upon himself to leave the smallest carbon footprint of any "man" on earth, we decided to follow suit. That's why our guide to Sasquatch! is ONLINE ONLY.* No trees** were killed, no coal burned, and, trust me, we exerted very little energy of any kind putting this thing together. Seriously. While we pulled together plenty of original content for the occasion, we thought since we've covered just about every damn band on this damn bill, we thought we'd roll out a few items from the archives. Why not REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE!!! You'll see more content added every day through the festival. This sucka couldn't have fit into print, even if we'd wanted it to. You can't print video of Fleet Foxes at Neumo's, an audio slideshow of Death Cab's "homecoming" stop in Bremerton, or a live recording of the Cold War Kids in Austin. And, let's face it, there ain't enough paper in the world to contain the musings of columnists Krist Novoselic and John Roderick. Furthermore, a couple of us will be checking in on Reverb, all day every day, during the big ol' shindig, bringing you slideshows, "reviews," and gossip. In order to remain green***, none of these ramblings will hit the presses either. So, here you go, a little something to not bring with you and not recycle at The Gorge. Everything you need to know. And plenty you don't. *You'll notice a few Sasquatch!-related goodies in print on Wednesday, filling the space that the Neanderthals in the "print" side of the shop were going to fill anyway. **This, actually, isn't true, either. I cut down some old growth for the bonfire at our planning meeting in Forks. ***This actually has nothing to do with us being green. But, after seeing/reading/listening to the unintelligible dribble we brought back from last year's festival, the "print" editors have politely declined to syndicate any of our coverage.

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