BJ Novak

BJ Novak, writer/actor for the hit NBC series The Office, is also a comedian. The show thrives on the uncomfortable: man crushes, diversity training gone wrong, office dating. Like the show, Novak’s comedy is subtle, but maybe not quite as overly awkward as The Office. “I’m a little anxious to get to the punch line,” he says. “I’m an entertainer. When you’re alone on stage and [the audience isn’t] laughing for a little bit, you kinda want to hurry and get to the funny part more than you do when you can hide behind Steve Carell.” Novak’s character, Ryan Howard the temp, doesn’t need to hide behind Michael Scott (Carell’s character), but the banter between the two is cause for some of the more shifty-seated moments. “He (Howard) was just sort of the quite-eager observer to what was going on, but now the office has turned him over to the dark side,” Novak says. The Moore Theatre, 1932 Second Ave, 467-5510, $27.50-$30. 8 p.m. JESSE FROEHLING

Fri., May 30, 8 p.m., 2008

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