Chuck Palahniuk

In Chuck Palahniuk’s world, nothing is taboo. Fight Club, his most popular novel, is also his tamest. Since the 1999 movie with Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, there’s only been one other screen adaptation, Choke, which plays SIFF next week. Perhaps that’s because theaters don’t want to hand out vomit bags to moviegoers. Palahniuk’s newest book, Snuff (Doubleday, $24.95), takes a rude, satirical look at the skin-flick industry. Here’s the plot: one aging porn diva, 600 guys, a world record for the ages. The story is related from three POVs: that of dude number 72, a high-school virgin who brings roses to his own deflowering; dude number 137, an autograph seeker and mad fan; and dude number 600, an aging pornosaur himself who’s batting cleanup in more ways than one. Gee, wonder who’d star in this movie? Town Hall, 1119 Eighth Ave., 634-3400, Free. 7 p.m. JESSE FROEHLING

Thu., May 29, 7 p.m., 2008

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