John Waters

Coming at the behest of both Seattle Arts & Lectures and SIFF (see for related appearances and screenings), John Waters is renowned for his ability to shock in such bad-taste classics as Polyester and Pink Flamingos. His filmmaking pace has slowed of late (see: 2004’s A Dirty Shame), but certainly he’s entitled to coast on the money from the Hairspray Broadway show and John Travolta-in-drag remake. He’s a hugely witty interview subject and talk-show guest, but I think he’s also a kind of dark-shadow double to the Baby Boomer generation. Born in 1946, he’s done everything possible to rile his peers; he’s an anti-hippie whose counter-countercultural observations have been preserved in print (see: Shock Value, Crackpot) as well as celluloid. Interestingly, he wrote the introduction to Vol. 9 of Fantagraphics’ Complete Peanuts reissue, which makes those seemingly conventional cartoons seem a lot weirder—as I’ve long suspected—and moves the mainstream closer to Waters, not the other way around. If you’re lucky, he may show clips from old movies and discuss his latest project, Fruitcake, which is to star Parker Posey and Johnny Knoxville. Let’s hope they do something really nasty in it together. Benaroya Hall (Taper Auditorium), 200 University St., 215-4747, $25–$100. BRIAN MILLER

Tue., June 3, 2008

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