Lagerfeld Confidential: Darlings, you are all very ugly and fat

Fashionista Karl Lagerfeld cultivated his iconic reputation working at a variety of established labels—moving from Chloé to Fendi to the legendary house of Chanel, revitalizing each in the process. One of five fashion docs at NWFF this week (see Web site for schedule), Lagerfeld Confidential opens with the designer in his sumptuous Parisian apartment. Emerging in his trademark uniform—head-to-toe black, bulky sunglasses, bright white ponytail—Lagerfeld riffles through overflowing trays of chunky silver rings, places three or four on each finger, scoops a generous handful into a silver travel purse, and sets off to board his private jet. Filmmaker Rodolphe Marconi follows Lagerfeld as he criss-crosses the globe, touching down at various soirees, runways, hot spots, and rendezvous. Confidential never bothers to specify the where, when, and why of all this dizzy business, presenting the life of Lagerfeld as an impressionistic blur of jet-set scintillations. Marconi's indifference to detail extends to any consideration of what, exactly, Lagerfeld does for a living, not to mention the history of his rise in the fashion world. We do, however, learn what he purchased on a visit to the Dior Homme boutique (a shiny gold jacket), the age at which he was first sexually active (13), and his views on prostitution (pro) and gay marriage (con: too bourgeois).

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