LIz Sheets' “Unbound”

As a child growing up near Chicago during the 1930s, Elizabeth Beronich Sheets adored cartoons: Sardines jumped out of cans, chile peppers danced, and toys came to life while their owners slept. In “Unbound” (through July 3), Sheets pays homage to early animation like Steamboat Willie and Felix the Cat with the over-the-top facial expressions and vibrant colors of her contemporary mixed-media pieces. Another influence stems from a project Sheets worked on simultaneously: Clown Alley, a children’s bedtime storybook. Not everybody will benefit from the latter, admits the artist and mother of coulrophobic children. “I actually dedicated the book to one of my sons, and he shrank back and said, ‘Does it have to be a book about clowns?’” Art/Not Terminal Gallery, 2045 Westlake Ave., 233-0680, Free. 11 a.m.–6 p.m. ERIKA HOBART

June 9-July 3, 11 a.m., 2008

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