Panic! at the Disco

Saturday, June 7, 2008

When Panic! At the Disco performed in England two years ago, somebody threw a bottle at lead vocalist Brendon Urie's head and successfully knocked him out. Several minutes passed, then he stood back up. "You can't take me out!" he yelled, and the band played on. Now, I can see why somebody would throw a bottle at Urie. He's in a band that uses a fucking exclamation point in its name, compares said band to Radiohead when nobody else is, and constantly whines about being perceived as "emo." In spite of all that, I will grudgingly admit that Panic! has a good thing going with its fusion of vaudeville, electronica and pop-punk. They even cite Danny Elfman, the mastermind behind The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack, as an influence. No wonder their songs are so damn catchy. Panic! hits the Paramount tonight. Keep in mind that if you want to take Urie out, you're gonna have to find something heavier than an empty Bud Light.

Sat., June 7, 7 p.m., 2008

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