SIFF schedule not full enough? Unnecessary counterprogramming to the rescue! Now in its fourth year, the Seattle True Independent Film Festival is ready to entertain and bewilder through June 15. With titles like I Saved the World from Global Warming!, Kilowatt Ours, and Sexina: Popstar, P.I., STIFF provides a cheaper, rowdier, grassroots alternative for cineastes who believe Kung Fu Panda has no place in a film festival. (Or for hipsters with nothing better to do.) Possible highlights among the 10 days include When Is Tomorrow, a buddy comedy featuring Eddie Steeples (Crabman from My Name Is Earl). There’s also Pirate Radio, USA, a very cool local documentary about fighting the man and playing better music. (No more Rihanna! No more Rihanna!) The festival also boasts comedy (courtesy of Seattle’s People’s Republic of Komedy), related parties, and musical events. Venues include Rendezvous/JewelBox, ReBar, Central Cinema, and Capitol Hill Arts Center. Full schedule and details: FRANK PAIVA

June 6-15, 2008

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