90.3 KEXP Father's Day Kids' Dance Party

Sunday, June 15

You can talk all kinds of shit about the state of commercial hip hop, but you know who will always love it? Babies. Babies don't care about Bentleys, hos', pimpin' or bling, but they sure love beats. When ours is fussing in the car, the KUBE soothes him into a state of head bobbin' bliss. Oldies like "Country Grammar" induce giggles galore. Anything by the Outkast makes shake his diapered booty like a tiny, white Beyonce. Of course, some would debate the appropriateness of said music for a kid, as did my with-it, gem of a mother-in-law, who kindly suggested after watching me bounce my six week old to Biggie's "Hypnotize," I might want to introduce him to the more appropriate Blue Scholars, who I'm sure will be on the playlist for KEXP's wildly popular Kids' Dance Party.

Sun., June 15, noon, 2008

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