Bluefish Day Show

Saturday, June 14

You dropped a gazillion hints that you wanted a Toyota Prius once you got your driver's license, (going green is so trendy these days) but your parents ended up giving you a gas guzzling truck. You ordered a skinny caramel latte but the moronic barista heard whole milk. Oh, the agony! The injustice that is being a white upper-class high school student is unbearable. Just ask all those angst-ridden kids with the asymmetrical haircuts and skinny jeans that skulk around downtown Kirkland's transit center. Life sucks. But music helps soothe the suckiness. Blue Fish Festival features young talent in the form of several local emo bands: Solomon Grunde, the Allured, War of Another Kind, Renob Squad, and Martyrs of the Apollo Guild. (Yeah, I don't know who they are either.) Surely a ludicrous exhibit of pseudo-tribulation, they'll spend the day rocking out at the musician's dream venue: The Kirkland Teen Center. Hey, everyone's gotta start somewhere.

Sat., June 14, noon, 2008

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