Matt and Kim

Saturday, June 14

When they're just Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino, they're simply two lovey-dovey twentysomethings who met in art school some six or seven years ago and live together in romantic bliss in Brooklyn, New York. But when they're Matt and Kim, they're the keyboard (him)-and-drums (her) duo that you can always rely on to put you in a terrific mood with their effervescent, punk-spirited pop songs- a vibe that to me is kinda like Mates of State crossed with The Thermals- and joyous, ever-smiling stage presence. Still touring behind their self-titled 2006 disc, Matt and Kim seem happier than ever to be joined at the hip 24/7. "The only time we don't see each other is when one of us is in the bathroom," Matt told me not long ago. "But thankfully we still get along great, unless we're, like, lost or something. I couldn't imagine if Kim was doing this band with someone else or I was doing this band with someone else, you know, not having your other to do this with." Aww...

Sat., June 14, 8 p.m., 2008

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