Monster Crash

Friday, June 13

After all these years, the sights and sounds of grown men dressed in ghoulish homemade costumes playing twangy gutterpunk with guitars, drums, upright bass, and loads of bloody humor somehow remains fun as hell. Local gore-splattered trio Monster Crash- led by "Dr. Sick" (a.k.a. Troy of Seattle punk vets Ward A)- does classic psychobilly right, with lots of loud, speedy low-fi crunch, evilly reverbed rockabilly swing from some sorta demonic sock-hop, and songs about mutant zombies, stalkers, werewolves, she-devils, and getting shit-faced drunk at barbecues. It's like The Meteors or The Cramps from the even wronger side of the tracks, which makes it that much more hellaciously fun.

Fri., June 13, 7:30 p.m., 2008

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