Neil Hamburger

Saturday, June 14

Although I appreciate sophisticated (British) humor, I can't seem to harness the ha-ha's of my inner twelve year old. Mommyhood has forced a consorted effort to suppress my Beavis and Butthead giggles during certain utterances of the words balls, titillate or hard. When I'm blue, nothing perks me up a like Jason Mewes' 'Jay's Rap': "Rollin' fatties, smokin' blunts. Who smokes the blunts? We smoke the blunts!" It's not the content I find so funny, it's the delivery. Which is why I can't get enough of the greasily booze-drenched persona of Neil Hamburger, whose deadpan delivery renders jokes about Paris Hilton, Princess Diana and his ex so guiltily funny. Tonight he'll showcase tunes off his Shatner-esque album, Neil Hamburger Sings Country Winners, including "Jug Town." Ha! Jug! Here's hoping my kid never has to do a report on jugs, beavers or the Catholic Seaman's Club.

Sat., June 14, 10 p.m., 2008

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