Mamma's B-Day with Nudity

Friday, June 20

These Olympia dudes boldly go where so many others have gone before. But they do it so well! For the last couple years, Nudity has been spreading the lysergic vibe to the already converted: longhairs who like a little '70s kraut with their '60s psych, a little Amon Duul II with their MC5. Recently, they released a limited edition 12" on Portland-based Discourage that is the best evidence yet of their willingness to expand into the ether. For 20-plus minutes, they turn a vintage AC/DC-style backbeat into a meditative trance. From there, whooshes of electric guitar leap to and fro like it's a laser light show, all of which plummet into riff explosions before the band sweeps it all back up into space. This 12" features a B-side re-noodling of the A-side by Tim Green, and is limited to 600 copies, 200 of which are printed on purple swirl vinyl! Take an extra $10 to the show. With the Emeralds, Wallpaper, DJs & debauchery. Comet Tavern, 922 E. Pike St., 323-9853. 8 p.m.

Fri., June 20, 8 p.m., 2008

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