A Guide to Visitors

How would you respond after witnessing the horrific death of a woman knocked under a bus? You could dance the Lindy Hop—at least that’s what Thane Walkup did. Sound strange? At the monthly A Guide to Visitors storytelling event, Walkup will explain how shaking his tail feather helped him deal with the life-changing trauma. He’ll be joined by Mercedes Yaeger and two more fellow raconteurs with their first-person stories on the evening’s theme, “Pushed.” (Although, for the record, the lady under the bus was not pushed, but accidentally bumped off the sidewalk by a cyclist.) According to series co-curator Jeannie Yandel, these presentations of unpublished anecdotes are an attempt to “make narrative accessible again.” With drinks served at the bar, the evening is relaxed and unscripted, giving the feeling that you could be overhearing the story on the, er, bus. Jewel Box Theater (Rendezvous), 2320 Second Ave., 441-5823, www.jewelboxtheater.com. 21 and over. $7. 7 p.m. SUZIE RUGH

Thu., June 26, 7 p.m., 2008

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