Glenn Bell

Saturday, June 28

Glenn Bell is a Seattle firefighter who hails from Philly. He lives on Beacon Hill, and has a pretty schoolteacher girlfriend who, unlike many a Seattle single, doesn't think the world owes her anything. Bell used to coach wrestling at Ballard High School, and was in the Army Corps of Engineers. In short, he is an all-American boy, and his self-released debut LP, Slide, is an all-American album, in the mold of Springsteen and James McMurtry—only not as good. But show me a novice songwriter who is as good as Springsteen and McMurtry, and I'll show you my new favorite singer. And while the first four tracks on Slide are a little cringe-worthy, that's to be expected on any debut effort. For the balance of the album's 11 tunes, Bell, backed by an adroit crew of south side players, mellows out and shows some real promise—and reports from his already loyal fan base are that his live act has improved dramatically with every show. Glenn Bell is determined to make music, and has the gigs lined up to prove it. He is, admittedly, a friend of mine, otherwise I might not be writing about him here. But isn't that how the Boss got his start? Jules Mae’s, 5919 Airport Wy. S., 7 p.m.

June 28-29, noon, 2008

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