Marié Digby

Singer-songwriter Marié Digby became a Web sensation by posting homemade videos of herself playing acoustic versions of top-40 hits by Britney, Rihanna, and others. Within months, the videos generated more than 22 million views; then a major record label backed her self-penned debut album Unfold. It sounds too good to be true—and it just might be. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Digby was already signed to Hollywood Records when she began posting her “amateur” videos, and that the label may have planted the YouTube videos as a pseudo-grassroots effort. Whether Digby’s success stems from sheer luck or an incredibly clever bit of marketing, the fact remains that her stuff still beats most of the crap on the Internet. Neumo’s, 925 E. Pike St., 709-9467, $12. 7 p.m.


Fri., June 27, 7 p.m., 2008

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