Interactive Art

You Complete Me Western Bridge Galleries Visual Arts A group exhibit exploring issues of interactivity and participation. With a room half taken over by metallic gray balloons (Martin Creed), and and Andreas Zybach’s tunnel, engineered to capture the weight of visitors to propel an action painting onto the gallery wall. Mungo Thomson's air-filled contraption compels people of all ages to get down to stocking feet and haul themselves up into his Skyspace Bouncehouse. Once inside, you'll be propelled upward by your bouncing neighbors, and will learn to throw your own weight to the floor to test how far back up you'll be flung. With a commissioned sculpture by Eli Hansen and Oscar Tuazon. Free. Thurs.-Sat. Ends August 2.

Thursdays-Saturdays; Sat., April 26, 1 p.m. Starts: April 24. Continues through Aug. 2, 2008

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