Eric's Trip at SP20

Saturday, July 12

Who remembers Jale and Sloan? In the mid-'90s, I suspect that there were pockets of teenagers around the country (like myself) who ordered 7"'s by these Sub Pop bands, just because their names looked cool in the catalogue¬ó and in those packages, there would undoubtedly also be a slab by Eric's Trip. Who wouldn't drop a few bucks on something by a band named for a Sonic Youth song? Clearly, it was going to rock. These Canadians, whose artfully messy indie fit perfectly between Sebadoh and Unrest on a mixtape, were the first from the Great North to be signed to Sub Pop. They made three memorable albums for the

label: 1993's Love Tara (whose track "Stove" Sloan covered and kinda bettered), '94's Forever Again, and '96's Purple Blue. With the band now ensconced in obscurity and indie-nerd memory, bassist Julie Doiron (as a singer-songwriter on the folksy side) is the only member to have continued creating to public acclaim. If you missed the band in the '90s, check SP's catalogue¬ó it can be 1993 forever, whenever you want.

Sat., July 12, 2 p.m., 2008

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