Seaweed at SP20

Saturday, July 12

Back in them early '90s, a lot of rock critics tagged Seaweed as grunge, simply because they recorded for Sub Pop. No doubt the Tacoma outfit grooved with an unrefined force native to the Pacific Northwest. Yet Seaweed should be worshipped by every Hot Topic dork out there for pioneering a fusion of pop punk, hardcore and emo that all their platinum-clad heroes shamelessly mimic nowadays. Hell, they even busted a proto-nĂ¼ metal breakdown two or three times. So stop wasting your time on the latest offerings from Against Me! and track down a copy of Four. Originally released in 1993, it's a righteous chunk of anthemic Vans-rock, right up there with anything from fellow innovators like Jawbreaker, Quicksand and Samiam. Seaweed's return isn't just a one-off for their former label, either. Coming together in May of last year, they're due to release a new album. May it make the group millions and earn 'em access to Ashlee Simpson's panties.

Sat., July 12, 2:40 p.m., 2008

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