Rainier Beer in the Vending Machine

The bing on the Sub Pop cherry.

A while back, Jimmy Lavalle of the Album Leaf was visiting Sub Pop's offices, and Megan Jasper thought she smelled beer. From her office in the main entry hallway, she caught the whiff of brew, and as vice president of the company, had to investigate. Turned out Lavalle had purchased himself a can of Rainier for 75 cents... from Sub Pop's vending machine. Though it was only mid-afternoon, how could he resist? It was beer... from a vending machine! The cold Rainier stocked in Sub Pop's vending machine has become the stuff of legend. Seattle Weekly first reported on this wonder of corporate culture back in September 2006. We discovered it was the brainchild of then-receptionist Alissa Gallivan. Gallivan had purchased a vending machine for the office with her own money ($800). Because she owns it, she can stock it with whatever the hell she wants without relying on a vending service. Of course, Ms. Jasper does have final say over these inter-office matters, but Gallivan knew her boss was the type who wouldn't care. After almost two years, Gallivan says the office goes through an average of two cases per month. "It's actually not as much as you might guess," she says. "Shockingly." Considering Rainier took the place of ginger ale—of which Gallivan says she sold one per week, at best—48 cans of beer each month ain't bad, I say. And Sub Pop isn't even old enough to drink yet!

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