Boss Martians

Saturday, July 19

Getting too much of something over and over again isn't always a bad thing. Sex, for example. Or sweetly punkish power-pop. Yes, there's about a bazillion bands in the world marrying gritty, crunchy guitar to instantly catchy hooks and fist-pumping melodies, maybe with a touch of synth here, and bright, double-tracked shouts about young love and rockin' out there. But it's always a joy--and sometimes even feels like the first time-- when you hear an outfit like Seattle's Boss Martians doin' it, and doin' it well. The immediate and huge appeal of songs like "No One to No One," "Power of Doubt," and "Mars is for Martians" (which features vocals by none other than Iggy Pop) from the Martians' brand-new full-length, Pressure in the S.O.D.O.-- which they recorded mostly themselves, with some production assistance from local icon Jack Endino -- bodes well for tonight's gig, which promises to be a sweaty, screamy affair. In fact, too much of this stuff might not be enough.

Sat., July 19, 9 p.m., 2008

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