The Master Musicians of Jajouka feat. Bachir Attar-- CANCELED

Tuesday, July 22

The Master Musicians of Jajouka are one of world music's pioneering outfits. Although Smithsonian Folkways and the Ocora label had been producing field recordings as far back as the '50s, the 1971 album Brian Jones Presents: The Pipes of Pan at Jajouka was one of the first instances of Western pop intersecting with sounds from non-Occidental cultures. All Jones did was document the music, yet his name helped expose the Master Musicians to hippies looking to groove to ancient rhythms. Nowadays, that record sounds rather archaic. Under the guidance of Bachir Attar, the Moroccan musicians occasionally mingle their flute and percussion drones with jam band/Goa-inspired exotica. This pisses off those who want pure folk music untouched by the West's grubby mitts. But hey, after 4,000 years things got to change, right?

Tue., July 22, 8 p.m., 2008

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