Bring It On

Maybe, just maybe, Bring It On (2000) truly is brilliant, recalling smart high-school comedies like Election and Clueless, with sharp dialogue that winkingly exploits cheerleader stereotypes. Kirsten Dunst plays the newly appointed captain of her high schoolÂ’s state champion Toro cheerleading squad. Her perfect world shatters when she discovers from a new student (Eliza Dushku) that their routines have been ripped off from a rival inner-city cheerleading squad. What keeps the film from being solely tongue-in-cheek camp is its genuine admiration for cheerleading as a competitive sport. The result is a darn fun movie that actually makes turning cartwheels in a short skirt seem respectable. (PG-13) SOYON IM

Fri., July 25, 2008

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