DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist

Saturday, July 26

With so many DJs using MP3s and CDs, the fact that DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist still spin ye olde '45s while on the circuit for their latest tour, "The Hard Sell," makes them a kind of traveling museum. While it's understandable why jocks have turned to the laptop--you try lugging crates of vinyl through airport security--it's nevertheless a lovely sight to see and, more importantly, hear two of Cali's finest staying true to the object of origin. That their other weaponry includes eight turntables and two guitar loop pedals makes them more of a traveling circus than a mobile institution dedicated to the past anyway. After all, their set tonight--part of a tour which began at the Hollywood Bowl with 15,000-strong in '07--wouldnÂ’t be much of a show if they were just dropping 7" singles.

Sat., July 26, 8 p.m., 2008

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