Nicole Atkins & the Sea

Friday, July 25

Don't hate up and coming rock darling Nicole Atkins because she's beautiful in a way that would make your boyfriend leave you to stalk her after one live performance. Or ‘cause her rich and throaty voice is sonic boom powerful, or because she possesses the self-assured swagger and sweet personal style that reminds you a little of a Brooklyn Amy Winehouse without the pesky crack habit or face fungus. Or because, before she was even close to being an indie rock household name anywhere outside the five boroughs, she had herself a sweet ass Amex commercial. Or because her new record, Neptune City, an homage to her Jersey hometown that steals a little from every pivotal female music icon (from Billie Holiday, to the Ronettes, to Patti Smith, to Joan Jett, to PJ Harvey), will be on everyone's top ten list this year. Ohhhh, on second thought.... feel free to hate away. Fuck you beeaaaatccch!

Fri., July 25, 10 p.m., 2008

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