A San Diego transplant who goes by Kolesta Moore when offstage, local R&B diva Choklate will be serenading the lunchtime throngs at City Hall today. Mayor Greg Nickels, can’t you hear the call of love? C’mon down from your high-rise office, baby, and surrender to the silky groove of “Gettin’ Is Good.” Stop listening to that dull-ass briefing from Tim Ceis and give it up for the rhythms of “Never Change.” Loosen that tie and shed your jacket, Mr. Mayor, then prepare to boogie—and possibly drop a few pounds—to the dance mayhem of “Heavy.” (Not that we’re sayin’ you are. But we’re just sayin’.) Get yourself motivated to dominate the City Council, and possible electoral opponents Nick Licata and Peter Steinbrueck, with the driving force of “Bigger Than You.” (Make it your campaign song!) Choklate feels your pain, Mr. Mayor, and she can reach right down into your heart with her music. She will bring your soul to the surface, reveal the funk that you have so long wanted to express! Who knows—maybe she’ll even let you sing backup on her next album. City Hall Plaza, 700 Fifth Ave., 684-7171, Free. 12 p.m. BRIAN MILLER

Thu., July 31, noon, 2008

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