Duff McKagan's Loaded

Saturday, August 2

Duff McKagan's Loaded sounds like the name of a Broadway revue complete with a medley of memorable bass lines and a jazzy dance number to "One in a Million." The veteran rocker would even reenact scenes from GnR's early years: But Axl, we’ve come too far to give up now... But alas, D.M.L. is just another solid rock band from a dude who’s been in many. Actually, what makes Loaded kind of special is its blend of hair metal, power pop and poppy punk (not unlike, say, Hanoi Rocks or the always underrated Enuff Z'Nuff). Duff, as most Seattle punks know, has the background for such alchemy. Having served time in Fastbacks and the Fartz, he was the only guy in Guns N' Roses with any punk cred.

Sat., Aug. 2, 9 p.m., 2008

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