Matthew Porter's "Monkey World"

On display through August 10, Matthew Porter’s new show takes us into a bizarre world in which goateed monkeys play bass, pirate monkeys battle giant sea monsters, and janitor monkeys cheerfully mop the floor. All these adorable acrylic paintings are from his eponymous Monkey World: An A–Z of Occupations ($16.95, Simply Read Books), an illustrated children’s volume that aims to teach the alphabet via unconventional jobs like snake charming—my college major, btw—and ventriloquism. Porter’s giggle-inducing exhibit can be enjoyed by adults and children, but the latter may need a gentle reminder later that becoming a gangster isn’t the wisest career path to embark on. Unless you’re a monkey. Bluebottle Art Gallery, 415 E. Pine St., 325-1592, Free. Noon–7 p.m. ERIKA HOBART

Aug. 5-10, noon, 2008

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