Aerial Antics in the Atrium

This Thursday through Sunday, Teatro ZinZanni places its performers in the strangest setting yet: a five-story downtown shopping mall. Suspended from the top of Pacific Place’s 60-foot-high atrium, aerialist Eric Newton contorts his body into bizarre positions and zips through the air using only strips of fabric for support. Several floors below him, juggling sensation Trevor Nassler uses every bit of his being to balance and capture fast-moving cones. Adding her own personal soundtrack to the mix is Manuela Horn, a yodeling clown (yes, you read that correctly). Given that tickets to TZZ’s current stage production, Quest for Queendom, run up to $155 (which I say is worth the price), you’d be wise to catch this free, zany 20-minute show, called “Aerial Antics in the Atrium” And you can spend the money you save by—what else?—shopping for a new dress at bebe. Pacific Place, 600 Pine St., 405-2655, Free. 6 p.m. ERIKA HOBART

Aug. 7-10, 6 p.m., 2008

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