Mad Rad

Friday, August 8

God bless the kids in Mad Rad! These phenomenal freaks have hooks so sick they need life support. Looking like Spank Rock's white trash hipster children and sounding like the sizzling hot moans of a Scissor Sisters/Mickey Avalon orgy, Terry Radjaw, Buffalo Madonna, P Smoov and Darwin make up a glamified ghettotech crew that epitomizes the phrase "doin' it for the kids." Even if you're well above drinking age, Mad Rad's music will give you the same naughty thrill you used to get hiding 2LiveCrew records from your parents back in the day. Seriously, these young gents ooze so much appeal they could very well be the biggest act without guitars to burst out of Seattle's sticky loins since Mix took his posse down Broadway. Check out the hot track "My Product" on Myspace if you don't believe me. Yowzers!

Fri., Aug. 8, 8 p.m., 2008

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