The Suits: Happless

Redmond's persona non grata.

Larry Happ says the City of Redmond banned him from city police headquarters in July 2007 after he told a tour guide: "Be careful. You don't want to touch me.""I consider what you said to be a threat," the guide responded, according to court records. "Then you are a very paranoid person," Happ replied.One week later, a city official served Happ with a trespassing warning and a notice banning him from the public safety building. Now he's got Larry King, a former state prosecutor who spent part of his career chasing strip-club baron Frank Colacurcio, representing him in a suit against the city, claiming Happ's due-process rights were violated. No one should be "cut off from an area of their city without any due process," the Olympia-based King says.It isn't the first time Happ has been told he can't be on Redmond property. In 2002, he was escorted out of a downtown pedestrian mall and shopping center by police after taking photographs of store signs. Four years later, Happ, who advocates against any confluence of religion and government, visited pastor Patrick Hamman at Overlake Christian Church, as well as the police station, asking for documents related to the city chaplaincy program.Hamman, who also serves as the Redmond City Chaplain, told police he was being harassed by Happ, who was subsequently given a "no trespassing" warning. (Such warnings ban a person from the premises, but are not filed in court and can't be appealed.)Incidentally, Hamman was the same person guiding the aforementioned police-headquarters tour. And as far as King can tell, city officials are trying to avoid dealing with a demanding and challenging resident by banning Happ "from half the town."The city has not yet responded to the suit in court. 

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