Pablo Trucker, Suburban Korner Kick, Sugar And Hate

Thursday, August 14

According to their Myspace information, Sugar and Hate "met the first week of college and fell instantly and madly in love. We started writing songs together immediately, and quickly realized we both liked girls, and it was a little bit awkward to go on having hot anal sex." Somehow those two put that behind them and the duo created sweet Elliot Smith-esque acoustic music. They also go on to say that the sound is much like a baboon forcing sexual acts upon loved ones, but unless the baboon is on an opiate, it doesn't fit. Sugar and Hate may be too drowsy to introduce the herky-jerky band that follows, Suburban Korner Kick, who, as their Myspace states: Sounds like music. That is exactly what they sound like. There isn't anything that really that distinguishes their polished rock sound from anything else out there. They sound really tight, though it may be out of place with the other two acts of the night. But the sound of Sugar and Hate would set the tone for Pablo Trucker, who play more of a melodic vocal blues. Pablo Trucker channels a Counting Crows-type vibe, but harness it into more of a minimalist/Americana/ Rock. Or at least that is what their Myspace says.

Thu., Aug. 14, 9 p.m., 2008

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