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More love for Roderick, and some "Best Of Seattle" courrections.

Re: "Blinded by the Bite" by Mike Seely (July 30)[Your story] left out the most pertinent aspect of the problem of impostor service dogs. That is the liability/insurance issue. If a dog bites someone in a pet store, the insurance will cover the medical bills because the dog had a legitimate right to be there. In any other kind of store, the insurance will not cover dog bites because the dog did not have a legitimate right to be there—allowing a dog there is considered an undue risk. It is very unclear if insurance will cover medical bills if an impostor service dog bites someone in a store, but count on a lot of litigation. Without proof that a dog is a service dog, not only are store owners at great risk for being sued, but the public and bona fide service dogs are at risk.—Ellen TaftRe: "Rock and a Hard-On" by John Roderick (July 23)Holy shit!! Finally!!! Someone is able to articulate what the fuck is really going on out there!!! I've waited 20 years for this article, and I'm not letting go...Thanks to whoever wrote this piece of perfection...—SkerikRe: "Super Furry Man-imal" by John Roderick (July 30)Beard amateurs constantly complain about how itchy it is, especially the longer it gets, and this prevents many from being able to fully express the pose (upward-facing rage-bear?). Anyone who wants to show that they are committed to their natural man-face, and not just another plug-eared hardcore guy who just got into Uncle Tupelo, will grow their beard and wash it with Head & Shoulders shampoo every time they take a shower. Not only will they not itch, they will avoid girl-repulsing beard-druff, and it will grow long and soft like a luxurious nest of wonder. OK, the last part might sound kind of weird and gross, but I think you will get my point.Your column is my favorite in any alt-weekly anywhere—please don't stop rappin.—Ashley D. RiveraRe: "Ask an Uptight Seattleite" (Aug. 6)Dear Uptight, I'm a big fan of yours. Whenever I accidentally pick up the Weekly instead of The Stranger, I often remember to read your column. Have you ever considered adding humorous content to it?—Laughs LastRe: "Best Place to Have a Ronaldinho/Eddie Murphy Moment" (Aug. 6)Great stuff. You got the wrong player. Ronaldo was the player involved in the gay-tranny scandal. Ronaldinho is a totally different player.Disliking soccer is one thing. That's your prerogative as Americans. This is just lazy journalism. Probably best to lay off soccer till you have either a better writer or a very good lawyer.—SteveOther "Best Of" CorrectionsThe Best Street-Corner Opera is piped onto Third Avenue at Lenora Street, not Fourth Avenue.The Best Flattering Place to Pee is on the second floor of Macy's.Also, in our Readers' Poll results, we misspelled the name of the club Neighbours. So sorry for the errours.

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