Elder Mason

Tuesday, August 26

Though I'm sure there are real, live human beings named Elder Mason (likely devout members of their churches, all), here we're talking about a band of four Northwest transplants who hail from Missouri, Minnesota, Kansas and Connecticut. The members of Elder Mason found each other after relocating to Seattle, not through mutual friends or other local scene connections, but via Craigslist. Now, these once-strangers have banded together and established themselves as a respectable folk outpost, applying the principles that guided classic rock greats like Pink Floyd and CSNY and combining their different approaches to "rock" music into a glorious, sorta trippy amalgamation of the best bits of each camp, from psychedelic rock guitar shredding to the medieval harmonies of CSNY's quietest folk ballads. If you're still not convinced, let it be known that Elder Mason's upcoming record, The Seclusionist speaks, was mixed by Scott Colburn, who's worked with artists like The Arcade Fire, Animal Collective, Feral Children and Hypatia Lake.

Tue., Aug. 26, 9 p.m., 2008

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