Saturday, August 23

Queensrÿche assembled one of the most awesomely extravagant stage shows in the past two decades for Operation: Mindcrime. This theatrical set, unveiled in 1988 and reprised in 2004, featured stage actors as the concept album's characters. In October 2006, Queensrÿche recorded the DVD Mindcrime at the Moore, playing both Mindcrime and its 2006 sequel (featuring Ronnie James Dio as the pre-recorded image/voice of the evil Dr. X) in their entirety. Lavish as those productions were, Queensrÿche has never appeared onstage with an orchestra until this performance. The group's dramatic Mindcrime material invites bombastic accompaniment, as does its epic early progressive output. (Don't worry, "Silent Lucidity" enthusiasts – that polarizing single, currently running away with KISW's song poll, will undoubtedly make the cut.) The classical players probably won't feel inspired to sit in with the likes of Drowning Pool and Sevendust, though "Bodies" and "Bitch" could surely benefit from their symphonic grandeur.

Sat., Aug. 23, noon, 2008

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