The Moondoggies (CD release)

Thursday, August 21

I have to admit: I thought this CSN/Big Pink/Burrito Brothers/Full Tilt Boogie with wisps of the Dead thing that's happening may have jumped the proverbial shark, when, after a late night show in Ballard recently, I witnessed some beyond-wasted frat bros trying to drunkenly harmonize the chorus of My Morning Jacket's "I'm Amazed" without a hint of irony as they stumbled off to an impending DUI and /or date rape. But hot damn! I am sooo happy to be wrong. Those smarty pants kids at Hardly Art (who’ve got Grant Olsen of Arthur & Yu, Hardly Art's first bull's eye, on tonight's bill) go three for three in the kick ass album department by releasing the Moondoggies' Don't Be A Stranger. A beautifully bruised-hearted homage to all the acts listed above delivered in a pristinely listenable ear explosion of a package, (thanks in big part to insanely talented producer Erik Blood) this Seattle quartet's warm, laid back and slightly stoner-ific jams beg to be released on vinyl and listened to with gigantic headphones or big, ancient, fuzztastic tube speakers. Nice work, lads!

Thu., Aug. 21, 9 p.m., 2008

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