One Reel Film Festival

Bumbershoot annually includes the 1 Reel Film Festival of shorts, which runs all three days this Labor Day weekend from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday at 2 p.m., notable among the various themed blocks of programming (“On the Edge,” “For the Ladies,” etc.), is the local package “Made in Seattle,” which highlights some worthwhile local titles. (Others are scattered in different blocks; see Web site for schedule.) From Jeremy Mackie, Grey Linings is pure urban montage—bending and distorting our familiar landmarks into a chopped-up image stream. After his Gimme Music, Gimme Shelter (seen at 1 Reel last year), director/actor Shawn Telford continues to plumb the awkward silences and pauses in relationships; A Night in the Sunlight is more a postmortem long after that promising, fumbling first Gimme Shelter date. Actresses playing peep-show workers sing a plaintive classical melody in Bachianas No. 5: Villa-Lobos (2 p.m. Sat.). Smeared makeup, ’70s polyester décor, and desperation inform the plotless lament by Curtis Taylor; the women cry out for love in a setting that looks like a Richard Kern photo session. Matthew Clark’s sparse, effective Dry Rain (1 p.m. Mon.) suggests Terrence Malick with a sense of humor, as a messy custody battle finds perennial hard-luck case James Le Gros and his (rather smarter) son dithering at the Canadian border. It could be a scene from a longer feature. Stephen Hyde’s Shikashika (1 p.m. Sun.) is a short scenic doc about Peruvian peasants who harvest glacial ice in the Andes, then transport it back to town to process into snow cones. It’s indigenous, cheerful capitalism, with Peruvian flute music that seems appropriate for once. Admission with Bumbershoot ticket or pass. SIFF Cinema, 321 Mercer St. (McCaw Hall), $35–$100. BRIAN MILLER

Aug. 30-Sept. 1, 2008

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