Gorgeous Frankenstein

Wednesday, August 27

Gorgeous Frankenstein guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein (a beefy, devil-locked fixture during the Misfits' 1980-1983 prime) and drummer Dr. Chud served a stint with rogue bassist Jerry Only (Doyle's brother) in the "modern Misfits," a dubious entity that's still desecrating the band's legacy like some grave-robbing ghoul from its back-catalog lyrics. Doyle and Chud even played with Only's infamous Christian project Kryst the Conqueror. However, Glenn Danzig forgave these indiscretions, producing Gorgeous Frankenstein's debut album and welcoming them as an opening act on his 2007 tour. This trio occasionally revisits the Misfits' ragged thrash, but it also delves into heavy blues-based numbers reminiscent of Danzig's eponymous outfit. Gorgeous Frankenstein already shed the singer from their lone recording, recruiting Goolsby, a vocalist/bassist from fiend-approved horror-punk act Blitzkid, as his replacement. The group's live shows feature Doyle's wife Gorgeous George, a former pro wrestler, as a go-go dancer.

Wed., Aug. 27, 7 p.m., 2008

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