The Rum Also Rises

Ernest Hemingway loved booze. That's an inarguable fact on a par with "Hunter S. Thompson liked cocaine" or "William S. Burroughs shot heroin." Needless to say, the guy pretty much had a favorite bar in every city he lived in, and wrote about them as if they were old lovers. But few watering holes achieved the same status as the Floridita bar in Cuba, where he spent countless hours slinging back a kind of daiquiri that would become his namesake, the Papa Doble, or "Papa's Double." Tigertail in Ballard is a far cry from Cuba. As a matter of fact, the joint fashions itself more as an Asian sake bar than a Havana lounge, with a rice room, Asian hardwoods, and kitschy Oriental-themed decorations. But they nonetheless pay homage to Papa by boasting the "Hemingway Daiquiri" on their drink menu. Now while the literary icon's name is the drink's selling point, it's worth noting that Tigertail's recipe is derived from the actual Floridita recipe, invented as a frozen drink by bartender Constantine Ribalaigua Vert. Hemingway was so smitten with the drink, he wrote that it "looks like the sea where the wave falls away from the bow of a ship when she is doing 30 knots." Who knows what he'd write about Tigertail's, but their mix of a double shot of rum, mashed limes, a dash of lime syrup, homemade sour mix, and grapefruit juice (served on the rocks) stays pretty true to the original from everything I've read. Hell, just one pint made me feel like fishing for marlin and dashing off a letter to F. Scott Fitzgerald! BRIAN J. BARR 704 N.W. 65th St., 781-TAIL,

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