Bull Durham

Twenty years after Ron Shelton's hugely likable baseball comedy came out, Kevin Costner can't catch a break with Swing Vote, Susan Sarandon has an Oscar, Tim Robbins and she have a family (plus his own steady work), and the only problem is that baseball, let alone baseball movies, hardly seem interesting anymore. Shelton developed his jock comedy formula here, later successfully applied to White Men Can't Jump and Tin Cup (again with a perfectly good Costner), but times have changed. If our own summer has turned to fall, and the Mariners are truly awful, perhaps it's best to seek consolation in this minor-league love triangle from the past. Sarandon is wonderful as a farm-team siren; Costner's charm likely peaked here; and Robbins plays his moronic pitching prodigy with lanky assurance. A hit, it was, for very good reason. (R) BRIAN MILLER

Sept. 3-6, 7 & 9:40 p.m., 2008

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