Music of Africa at Hidmo

Every Sunday night at Hidmo Eritrean Cuisine, a rotating roster of artists perform music from a different part of the African continent. The first time I went, four drummers pounded out Taranga rhythms, a Senegalese drumming style executed on tall Sabar drums. The four drummers played sitting on the floor, one singing – and they killed. The simple rhythms became impossibly complex and dancers pin-wheeled around the room in flashes of green, red, and yellow, pushing the band further into their show. The small, orange and blue rooms were packed tight with people drinking bottles of Red Stripe and eating platters of squishy injera bread and red and yellow lentils. The next week, a six member band played pop music from Guinea on marimbas, kalimba (thumb harp), and shakers – a perfect marriage of percussion and melody. The songs seemed to be just one riff that grew and shrank with intensity, like a wave refusing to break for fifteen minutes. Expect the joyous thump from a different band each week. ERIK NEUMANN

Sundays, 8 p.m., 2008

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