Tara Jane O'Neil

Friday, September 12

Tara Jane O'Neil first made a name for herself in the early '90s by singing and playing bass in the Louisville, Kentucky post-rock band Rodan, and since then she's fashioned a fascinating, mercurial and somewhat overlooked solo career. For the most part, the Portland-based TJO keeps one foot in that classic underground guitar-rock scene (the one that spawned the likes of Slint, Sebadoh, and Polvo) and the other in a world of artsy, experimental indie-folk, but she's been known to hop around into country and soul music, too. O'Neil's dulcet voice is simultaneously enchanting and unsettling, and there's an undeniable aura of mystery that surrounds her whenever she takes the stage. I've caught her a few times in recent years, and the haunting sounds and moods she creates are unlike those peddled by any other performer I've ever seen. If you enjoy being transported to strange, lovely new places, this show's for you.

Fri., Sept. 12, 7:30 p.m., 2008

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