Menomena, the National

Friday, September 19

Is your separation from nature starting to get you down? Does the steaming cup of Starbucks clutched in your hand cause a pain deeper than the epidermal burn from its content? Have no fear, because the requisite, conscious-cleansing benefit show of the week is here. Co-Ops Rock!, a concert series attempting to raise funds for supporting sustainable food initiatives "while creating a strong linkage between music and food co-ops in a way that elevates the appeal of co-ops among the younger generation," (yeah, what they said,) will be luring in those impressionable youth in this week with The National and special guests Menomena. Never mind the carbon footprint left from generating enough power just to support Menomena's usual cavalcade of electronic gizmos: this is for a good cause! And if their MFNW performance - the one that lead to a 3-round encore performance with the Helio Sequence - is any indicator, Menomena will be the act to catch anyway.

Fri., Sept. 19, 8 p.m., 2008

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