Bug Blast

Ask anyone what the grossest thing they’ve ever eaten was, and chances are it’ll be organs or bugs. Entomophagy apologists love to counter the eww factor by talking about the high protein content of many insects and about all the societies around the world who rely on bugs for nourishment—Oaxacans and their stewed ant eggs, Thais and their deep-fried cockroaches. The question of whether the critters taste good never seems to come up. If anyone can tell you which six-legged creatures are worth sautéing, it would be David George Gordon, author of the Eat a Bug Cookbook (Ten Speed Press, $16.95). Gordon is giving cooking demos (at 11, 12:30, and 2) at the Burke’s 10th annual Bug Blast. While you gear up for your crunchy snack, check out the insect-related exhibits on display. Pose entomological questions to members of the Scarabs: The Bug Society. And when the time comes to down on your cricket canapé, take heart in the fact that, be it delicious or disgusting, you’ve just one-upped 90 percent of your friends. Burke Museum, 17th Ave. N.E. and N.E. 45th St., 543-7907, www.washington.edu/burkemuseum. $5-$8. 10 a.m.-4 p.m. JONATHAN KAUFFMAN

Sun., Sept. 28, 10 a.m., 2008

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