KEXP Shake the Shack Rockabilly Ball

Thursday, September 25 through Saturday, September 27

True story: when I was seven years old, my favorite singer was Buddy Holly, hands down. I had one of those chintzy plastic kids' tape players, with which I would play Buddy Holly's greatest hits over and over and over again until the tape broke. This happened at least three times. I even tried to rally all of my second-grader friends to form a Buddy Holly cover band called "The Buddy Holly Girls." That didn't work out - none of them knew who Buddy Holly was — but needless to say, if I could dance worth a damn, I might have turned out to be one of those chicks you see on the floor at all the rockabilly shows. The ones with perfectly-coiffed bouffants and crimson lipstick that look like they've stepped out of a time warp mid-Texas Tommy. But even if you, too, are shitty at swing dancing, you should still go and watch the people who can swing dance do so to some of Seattle's finest rockabilly bands (like the Black Crabs), not to mention touring acts like Austin's Miss Lauren Marie. Watch out, kids, because this shack's not just shakin'; it's coming down.

Thu., Sept. 25, 8 p.m., 2008

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