Shiny Toy Guns

Wednesday, September 24

Break out the MAC eyeliner and start pasting down your unwashed locks into an immobile side-part: Shiny Toy Guns are bringing their confection-loving, industrial-inspired sound to Nectar for a night of all-ages lovin' in support of their new album, Season of Poison. Hoping that the third time'll be the charm, the band unleashes its newest female vocalist Sisely Treasure on the new single "Richochet," a taunting, sing-song accusation set to a backdrop of raging guitars. Try to stifle your laughter as an endless cavalcade of goth-emo-hipster-whatever kids take a barrage of photos for their MySpace page, and enjoy the pulsating throb of keyboards, effects pedals, and all phones around you texting "OMG, where R U?!"

Wed., Sept. 24, 7 p.m., 2008

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