Genghis Tron

Friday, October 3

Presaging the brutal efficiency of tomorrow's touring group, Genghis Tron delegates its rhythm-section responsibilities to keyboard programming. While the Philadelphia-based trio sacrifices the excitement inherent in watching a drummer pound out blast beats, it doesn't lose any velocity in its transition to electronic grindcore. The trio recoups some stage-show flash with proficient prog-metal guitarist Hamilton Jordan's two-hand tapping solos. Vocalist Mookie Singerman (!) alternates deftly between harsh screeches and dark new-wave crooning. The group just released the first installment of a five-disc remix project, on which the likes of Black Moth Super Rainbow and Jesu's Justin K. Broadrick expand the songs' sonic spectrums with psychedelic, drone and ambient elements. Unlike traditionally instrumented rock bands, Genghis Tron could cue any of these revamped backdrops live-with the push of a sampler button-without disrupting the show's flow.

Fri., Oct. 3, 8 p.m., 2008

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